Changing HP diesel pump

Hi all, I am in the process of changing my HP diesel pump on my 2.0 ltr X type. I have a Franklin kit which includes a locking tool, Ford part number 303-1151 which should screw in the front cover with three tangs. Everything I have read on the internet indicates that it’s the same for Mk3 Mondeo but I cannot get it to fit, it seems marginally larger than the hole in the front cover. I can get two tangs in but it’s to tight to get the third in place.
Has anybody else had this problem? TIA

Problem solved. The tool is made of a composite material and over time the part that supports the cam sprocket had distorted. Boiled it for 20 minutes and clamped it up with a couple of jubilee clips overnight and it squeezed it just enough that it now fits.

Kitchen to the rescue once again.

Does wifey poo know?