Changing RF window left switch

Can the RF window lift switch be replaced without taking the inside door panel off

Short answer no I’m afraid. But taking the door panel off is no biggy should take no more than 15mins.

[quote=“Robin_O_Connor, post:2, topic:398301”]
taking the door panel off is no biggy
[/quote]…but you’ll probably want to purchase at least 6 trim fasteners because they’ll either break or they’re already broken. Ask me how I know.

Yep, just taken the door panel off my X to find out why the top rear area seemed to be floating, it had been off prior to my ownership and the shop
(was owned by an 81 YO who didn’t do the maintenance) had replace the top rear fir tree with one that was too short. Had to scab one from the bottom centre area, thats held by self tappers anyway.