Check engine light; trouble code P0128

(JimD in Alabama) #1

After re-setting and re-having the yellow MIL light for a few weeks – I took the car in for a change out of the coolant and replacement of the thermostat. My research had pointed the finger at the thermostat as the most likely culprit. Sticking partially open, so at next crank the coolant is slower than expected to come up to temperature. Sets the MIL and trouble code P0128. Turned out to be right - - my thermostat had a pinch in the rubber sealing edge of the moving piston edge that kept it from closing fully – most have just gotten worse over the years I have owned the car until finally reached the point of allowing enough bypass of fluid to set code.

Good info on google about how to /where is thermostat - -
I had ordered the thermostat and new gasket, but in the end opted to let the local mechanic worry with collection and disposal of old coolant

(Brett) #2

Glad to hear that it should be a fairly easy fix.

Out of curiousity, have you had the water pump on your car replaced? I know that is one of the weaknesses of these cars.

(JimD in Alabama) #3

No Brett. Just the thermostat and seal.

knock on wood

Shop pointed out some rear suspension bushings that need replacement and tell me they have seen this on several of the XFs they service. I have them working up and estimate

(Brett) #4

No surprise there. I’ve heard from many people that the suspension bushings wear out on these cars over time. Possibly due to the fairly stiff suspensions and low profile tires. That’s a project on my list too. Maybe I can do it this summer.