Check engine light; trouble code P0128

After re-setting and re-having the yellow MIL light for a few weeks – I took the car in for a change out of the coolant and replacement of the thermostat. My research had pointed the finger at the thermostat as the most likely culprit. Sticking partially open, so at next crank the coolant is slower than expected to come up to temperature. Sets the MIL and trouble code P0128. Turned out to be right - - my thermostat had a pinch in the rubber sealing edge of the moving piston edge that kept it from closing fully – most have just gotten worse over the years I have owned the car until finally reached the point of allowing enough bypass of fluid to set code.

Good info on google about how to /where is thermostat - -
I had ordered the thermostat and new gasket, but in the end opted to let the local mechanic worry with collection and disposal of old coolant

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Glad to hear that it should be a fairly easy fix.

Out of curiousity, have you had the water pump on your car replaced? I know that is one of the weaknesses of these cars.

No Brett. Just the thermostat and seal.

knock on wood

Shop pointed out some rear suspension bushings that need replacement and tell me they have seen this on several of the XFs they service. I have them working up and estimate

No surprise there. I’ve heard from many people that the suspension bushings wear out on these cars over time. Possibly due to the fairly stiff suspensions and low profile tires. That’s a project on my list too. Maybe I can do it this summer.

this ain’t cheap. Need rear control arms also.
Shop I use says he has already had to do a couple of XFs in the last 12 months, and has another one in the shop same time as mine with same problems with suspension components…He showed it to me and had showed me mine also when it was up on the rack
Trying to see if my gold-plated aftermarket warranty steps up to the plate… more to follow as this little drama unfolds

So you’re just doing the rear control arms, or are they replacing front and back?

I will get the list next week. Back and front suspension work. Gonna mount new tires at same time. Was waiting for extended warranty company decision.

Good news is they approved the work😊

That’s great that the extended warranty will cover everything. That will relieve you of a huge financial burden. By the time they finish the suspension work and replacing the tires, your car will probably handle like new.

Upper control arms, both sides rear and also the little stabilizer or damper arms. Picture attached

Now that is sorted and have new tires, turned totors and good alinement, then we notice a thrumming vibration onset at about 65 mph. Prop shaft middle mount bearing bushing shot. Of course it is not a serviceable component. Gotta get a whole prop shaft. Waiting on warranty company decision on that, and also a front right control arm.

more good news. Extended warranty is going to cover the drive shaft and the front end control arm

Wow, that thing was trashed!

Sounds really bad but it wasn’t

Still drove well

Mechanics under car saw the control arm bushings. Probably because they had fixed several XFs (diff model years) in past year with same issues

You’re really making me wonder about the condition of mine. Everything looked decent when I was last underneath, but things may look much different once disassembled.

I’m very glad your warranty is covering all the work your car is getting. This thread should probably be marked as a favorite by all of us XF owners.

I think I may be doing this job on mine sooner than planned. Since the weather has been warming up, I’ve been driving with the windows down, and I definitely hear something not right when I drive next to the concrete dividers along a highway. Sounds like some bushing is quite worn and is allowing too much play when going over the road surface. I don’t have a warranty, so this could get a bit expensive, but if it needs done, it needs done.

hoping your car doesn’t need what i had to do.

We’ll see. I hope to check the suspension components soon. I’m hoping its not a case where everything is worn and its better to do the whole thing. I checked prices, and the parts alone would be more than $1750.

Tell me about it.

That is why I was so blessed the very expensive aftermarket warranty covered everything! I think I broke even on it so far. Usually I just pay for the darned warranty and never benefit.

Well, I had some time last night after work, so I raised the rear end of the car up so I could get underneath and take a look at things. While the bushings didn’t look awful, they didn’t look great either and seemed like the rubber was starting to break down. I think I’ll just go ahead and replace everything in the rear.

I’ll still need to check out the front suspension as I know there’s at least some work that will need to be done, but I just ran out of time last night. That’s also the area of the car that could really get expensive. More to come.

Hi Jim
Can you share who your extended warranty was with? I hope its availble to individuals rather than thru a dealer.

Hello Steven. If I remember correctly, it was Endurance. Whoever it was, I bought it as an individual. Haven’t had it for 6 years now, so sorry about fuzzy memory