Chrome knobs dash

Need two of the small dash knobs of a set of three just left of steering wheel and at mid top of dash. Any help appreciated.

Gust Nelson

One more try before machining. Any one one of the four small chrome knobs on the 3.5 MK IV dash

Gust Nelson

you may get a better response if those of us who don’t know what these look like have an image to go by!

Are these the switch knobs in question?

If so they are, I think, Lucas pull/push switches as also used on other cars of that era (MGA, Lee Francis, etc). I have a Lucas Parts Manual that I can cross reference if these are what you mean are required.

Yes these are the knobs

Yes those are the ones…

these were also used on the XK120 for the accessory fog lights… and are repoped by ? and available new… albeit that the plugins at the back are Lucar connectors not the old screw type.

Ah, yes, a picture is indeed worth 1000 words.
The early XK120 FHCs including mine used 3 of those knobs for panel lights, wipers and interior lights.

I believe XK120 OTS used only two because there were no interior lights.

Trivia marker
It appears that some SS versions of these knobs had cross hatched knurling instead of straight. on these and other switches
Some cars have been seen with a mixture. I suppose Bill wasn’t going to chuck out old ones
The switches themselves vary in length of the threaded section… needed to go through wooden dash boards.

Ah, yes, like The Never Ending Story, there’s no end to the trivia research.
These are in my '38 SS.

Ok for another trivial point that may interest us pedants.
Does your SS havetje original Bilfix ign key system?
Andif not is any one interested in obtaining bits. Keys?

For the concours freaks it wasn’t just the ignition lock that was afflicted by the fragile Bilfix locks. The door and boot locks also had them and the casting of these handles was different to accommodate the Bilfix barrels.



According to my Parts List all 3 switches are the same - these are Lucas PS7 switches Type L37 to go through wooden dashboard. This type of switch came with either chrome, black, or white knobs by the looks of it. Jaguar had separate part codes for each switch - 031042, 031043, and 031044.

indeed . but not all switches of this type one see advertised are of the long series. In fact Most aren’t.

So,like Baldrick , I have a cunning and devious plan.
Take a Bilfix key and bisect it , retaining the round part. Then do the same with a uncut blank of a more common MRN/ FA whatever, key and keep the keyed part. blanks for
Solder the two halves together and get a lost wax foundry to cast new composite keys in gunmetal
Then have a locksmith cut your key to suit your lock, The visible part will be Bilfix,the later more common part hidden in the switch, and none will know the difference.

Ah, but will it have wiggly grooves down the sides and a sharp pointed nose to cut holes in your pocket?

Peter :flushed:

Rest assured Peter your pockets are safe
The business end of the new keys would be the MRN etc shape , Only the visible part would be Bilfix.

So, you’ll have these new keys ready for Xmas lists?


Moi??? , I’m not in 'trade’as they would say in Downton Abbey.

I am the artiste who conceptualises and inspires others to achieve greatness, and perhaps send me a sample of the finished result by way of gratitude.

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Y’all are hysterical

Surely a typo . Historical perhaps.
Ian Mullins just rang me , He has the dash knobs someone was after [ and I think] a heater too