Chrome v Edge inactivity

Have been visiting this via Edge for years, now cant see anything other then the header and blue Please support box… have opened in chrome… anyone else notice this?

Yes, me too, exact same problem, I’m using Firefox.

Try clearing\deleting the cookies for this site (will mean you have to re-enter your login information.) Sometimes when the browser cookie information gets corrupted, the site won’t display correctly.

If using another browser, or the same browser software on a different PC/device works, then there’s a high chance this is the problem (since the cookies are device specific.)


downloaded new browser, refreshed and deleted all old stuff now OK!, cheers guys

Did you download the new Microsoft Edge? Just curious…

It was already on my system, I just made it my default browser.

Oh, so it replaced the old Microsoft Edge?

Yes I chose the Change over to option and it did it all for me :slight_smile: