Classic Auto Air and PS pump combo?

Restoring a 71’ jag xke series 2 FHC, with air conditioning and power steering.
Got the classic auto air upgraded air conditioning system, but i didn’t take apart this motor, and i can’t find any diagrams in any books about where the pump goes or the belt routes or pipes, nothing. Do i have to pick between the new bracket that’s part of the classic auto air set with compressor OR power steering?
I’m at a dead end here and i’m confused because i can’t find belt diagrams for this particular car

The Retro Air (Classic Air) kit used the belt routing in the first photo. A J-L forum member modified it as shown in the second photo in order create redundancy and shorter belt runs without backside idler pullies as used in the kit. I believe Jaguar used the alternator backet perched at the center-front of the engine to accommodate both power steering and AC. Search the archives…

retro air pulleys 42


I have that set up in my 1971. What photo would help you that I can provide?


Michael this is wonderful!
If you had any pictures of the steering pump location, i.e. where it’s mounted to the motor. I have the exact same classic air bracket and compressor you have installed. looks great by the way’

I do hope these help. All taken from the drivers side engine bay.

i think i figured it out thank you so much! i’ll show you guys pictures of it done

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