Cleaning White Wall Tyres

I had read somewhere on here about cleaning white wall tyres but I cannot find it.

I put white wall tyres (old stock) on my Series 2 V12 mid last year and was able to clean the white walls by using many of the methods commonly used - such as gritty paste such as Gumption, combined with soapy scourers and steel wool any using baking soda - all worked well.

In October I had a tyre failure and decided to change all my tyres with another set of white line tyres (205/70R15 TL (100H) Galaxy R1 24mm White Wall). These are relatively cheap and no real expections on performance but seem to be OK.

However, the white lines are impossible to clean using the standard methods. The white lines have gone a brown colour and the best I have been able to achieve is with carb/brake cleaner, the hand sanding with wet and dry paper, then using Jiff with soapy steel wool. The results are better than they were but are still marked.

Any other suggestions for cleaning these.



Hi, not sure if this is available in Australia but from the 80’s until the early 2000’s when I had alot of Cadillacs with white walls the best stuff to clean them was Westley’s Bleche White (pic). They still sell it here but it is now Black Magic branded. Not sure if it’s the same formula but that and a stiff brush made 'em sparkle.

Thanks for that - looking at the reviews it looks as if the Black Magic version is not quite as good as the Westley’s version but is still quite good.

The only place locally that I can buy is Amazon Aust but is not in stock.