CLICK-CLICK-CLICK goes the injector

Ahh yes… injector clicking… So, after cleaning all the injectors, new fuel lines, injector seals, injector connectors, etc. I have a single injector, #2 A-bank to be precise, that is much louder than the others. All the others sound exactly as they should, just a nice little tick-tick-tick, barely even there. In addition to the loud CLICK on this one injector, there’s a noticeable knock/clack that can be felt on the intake manifold in time to the injector clicks. When I pull power to that injector, it goes away, replaced with the expected soft miss.

I’ll start the standard troubleshooting steps - injector cleaner, spark plug, spark wire, injector power, pulling the injector and checking on bench again, etc - but the intake knock has me a bit worried as this was not there before the project overall.

Any input, of course, is greatly appreciated :slight_smile:


Find someone with 2-channel USB oscilloscope, or buy one. Fantastic and quite forgotten tool that will tell you everything. This way you will see any deviation in your engine on your laptop*
It will also allow you to save some money of the cleaner and consumables…

Alternatively - start frok replacing injector with 2nd hand one, these are $10ish…

(*- don’t try this if you’re over 60y.o.)

Ahemm, they are the ones that developed the computer!

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