Clips for chrome trim strips

Does anyone have a source for the chrome clips which retain the chrome strip running down the bootlid of a 140?

Coventry Auto appear to do a set of 11 studs under product number 2457

Thanks Canary, those are for the front. The bootlid ones are a kind of Starlock washer (I think)

Must be available somewhere cos the Coventry Auto boot chrome strip comes with a fitting kit. Might be worth an email to them?.

Yes, I’ll give them a shout. Otherwise Imperial starlocks should work - probably 3/16”.

They are not a clip as such but flat head set screw numbered unf.
The head is bigger in diameter with two sides ground down to slide down slot.
Then flat washer, internal star washer and nut

Ah - I don’t see how that could work with the trim I have. Is this not an original Jaguar part?

As far as I can remember (I’m repeating myself…) it was some sort of (very simple) speed nut, that’s also used for self tapping screws. But in this case it fits (tightly) over the studs at the backside of the moulding.

Looks like this:

Try Bresco in the UK under the chapter “Badge/Push-on Fixes” and look for the correct diameter of the studs.

Hope this helps.

Bob K.

Thanks Bob - of course, I should have given Bresco a call - thanks!