Clock Setting problems again

I have just joined the other day, 1st Sept and posted a question about setting the clock in my X Type, but sadly haven’t had any replies. It seems to be an actual problem with the electronics themselves as nothing I do works, regardless of following all the Youtube videos and what-have-you. Has anyone else noticed this fault?
Thanks, Les

Try disconnecting the battery, waiting a few minutes and reconnecting it. This may clear out the faults. Sorry, I can’t help otherwise as I’ve not had the problem.

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I had such a problem resetting my clock on a newly purchased 2002 XKR. There seemed to be no possible way! Well, as it turns out, the car was originally sold for the American market and I live on the east coast of Canada - in the Atlantic time zone. There is no Atlantic time zone in the US and the time is linked to the GPS system so the time shown is actually the Eastern time zone time. Can’t be changed! I just have to live with the fact that my clock is always exactly one hour slow.