Clock Setting problems now okay

I am new here and was asking the question about clock setting on my X Type. I’m afraid none of the Youtubes helped nor did the 2nd-hand manual that I purchased from Ebay (the car didn’t have one). Well I had another go today and quite by chance turned the radio volume-knob and hey presto ! - the numbers for the clock changed, counted up and down as I turned the volume knob up or down…
So, all sorted. Now I just have to work out why the windows no longer close themselves when I leave the car and press the remote lock button.

Excellent. A small suggestion to help future searchers. Instead of starting a new thread with the solution just add it to your original thread. This reduces clutter and helps people searching for an answer to the same problem. Best to start a new thread for your window problem. I have a suggestion but will wait for the window thread.

On some remotes thats a second press and hold to remote close the windows.