Clutch plate thickness

This clutch plate look’s quite new , what do you think ?
Plates are a good 9mm thick , and the rivets well down in the plates !
If I was doing 10k miles a year I would replace the clutch , but it will be more like 10k in ten years :grinning:

I would reuse that . If we replaced everything on our cars that was half worn out there wouldn’t be much left !

I took it to a friend to have a look at , he runs a Garage , he said there is nothing wrong with it , and he would refit it with out hesitation !
I am light on the clutch , have never worn one out , in 40 years of driving !
So don’t know what a new one should look like .
I remember getting my first big bike with discs on the front , looked at the brake pads and thought they was well down , so got a new set , only to find out they was the same thickness
Only about 5mm of pad , Jag’s must be a good 15mm , , and the bikes cost twice as much , its a mad mad world :sunglasses:

Your right Jim , it’s knowing when to stop replacing parts , it would be a engine out job to replace it , not a 5 min job , then again I do like getting my hands dirty ,

The other thought was , as I am fitting the lightweight Flywheel , I may not like that , so I could burn the clutch out and replace both lol