Clutch slave cylinder repair set

After the maser cylinder packed up last year, it was the slave cylinders turn this year.
Bought a repair set (the only one I could find) and this is what I got for the price of €1 plus €5.95 shipping (I went totally crazy and bought 2!)

Left the original parts, right the replacements. I made a hole punch to punch out the part shown on the bottom right out of the second seal. Wonder if it will hold up. I am sceptical.
What were they thinking when they came up with this?
Any idea where I can get a better part?


I’ll send you my new slave Harry. It has to be safe by courier these days, surely? “Wetter” I remember, but you’ll have to remind me of the rest in a PM…


There is no rush, I have ordered a new one. Can’t find a decent repair kit. We can give shipping a try with the slave cylinder though, I’ll PM you.