Coffee Table Project Coloring

Hi, all! I am currently building a coffee table out of a 1988 HE V12 out of my XJS. I have narrowed down the components to be installed, and have done most of my plating and powdercoat. I have a few ideas as to the coloring, however I am having a hard time deciding which color scheme I should go with for the finished product. I originally thought of the 1988 XJR-9, done up in Silk Cut purple, yellow, and white. However, I feel as though that will be awfully gaudy, and have also thought of British Racing Green and Yellow as well, as another nod to Jaguar racing heritage. What do you guys think?

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@ James Love might have some ideas.

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Calling @JamesLove


Thanks for thinking of me.


The wife (or significant other) asks you to move that table how do you do that?

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Turn the crankshaft?

Those are some good looking tables! I think the velocity stacks and exhaust pipes look great as well. This is my first table, however I have built a lot of XJS V12 engines, and thought that the intakes and air boxes would be cool under glass. I’m just having trouble deciding on the color scheme. I actually removed all of the studs and Zinc plates them and the bolts, so the bolts will be silver zinc colored. The air boxes are powder coated satin black, and will have a new set of stickers laid on them as well. Almost going for a period correct look, if that makes sense.

How about making a liquid-tight compartment or two within the crank case or using cylinders to hold the compartments, then having the throttle capstan and throttle linkage operate two ‘refreshment’ spouts (liquid refreshment of your choice, naturally)?