Coil Pack Cover screw 'inserts'?

Would anybody happen to have a source to purchase a set of these coil cover screw inserts?

Can’t tell anything from your pic.
Take out what you are looking for, put it on a white background and take a close up.
I have hundreds of pounds of Jaguar specific fasteners.
PM me the pics for details.

PM Sent.
Thank you for the quick response.

Is this possibly from a “modern” XK? I don"t recognise the picture as part of any XK 120/150/150 of the Fifties.

Bob K.

Yes its a modern, I have moved it to the correct forum.

Hard to be certain but they appear to be “PEM NUTS”.
Unfortunately they require a special tool to press them into the metal.
The holes might be too far gone to use the same size and would require up-sizing.

Yes, Try

Good luck!
Bob Allen