Cold Start Valve/Fuel Leak

My series 3 XJ6 has an occasional cold start issue. The car will turn and turn and turn but not start. But if one returns 20 mins later and tries again it will usually start first turn of the key. The car always starts when warm.

Today I think I identified the issue and a potential fuel leak. I noticed that some fuel appeared on the ground after trying to start the car unsuccessfully. When I opened the engine bay I examined the fuel hoses and clamps which all appear dry however there is fuel moisture on the Cold start valve and there appears to be fuel on the engine which I think has leaked from this source. Im pretty confident the injectors are not leaking as they were all completely rebuilt in december.

Has anyone else had issues with fuel leaking from the Cold start valve? Any good advice or links describing how to remove this and replace with a new one?

I don’t have it handy, since on phone, but there is a PDF of the XJ6 shop manual. Certainly the C/S testing and repair are covered.

I will send more info when I am on laptop.

As I recall, the C/S has a short hose off of the rail. Might just be bad hose or loose clamps. Check first… Otherwise I assume replacement is just unbolt and teplace. Probably a gasket which you should order too.

Make sure you release fuel system pressure, where eye protection and have that fire extinguisher handy :slight_smile:

Also, Moss will send you a free XJ 6 parts catalog which is nice to have hard copy in the shop

Good luck

Just for the record, Walsh; the CSI sprays for a predetermined time decided by coolant temps. Above 35C (95F) the CSI will not spray - and it will not spray beyond its time limit however long you crank. On repeated cranking; it will not spray before it is ‘reset’ which may take some minutes.

In principle, like after 20 minutes, it will have reset and respray. Possibly alleviate lack of fuel at the initial unsuccessful starting, but when re-cranking the engine is already primed by CSI and injectors - and will start. And at ‘moderate’ low temps the engine will start on injectors alone - without the aid of the CSI…

However, as Randy says, any fuel leak should be properly attended to - and before any further attempts to solve an eventual CSI issue. Any leak from the rail, injectors or otherwise, will drop fuel rail pressure. Which in itself is normally inconsequential, but may delay starting - though not prevent it.

xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)

I’m just on my first cuppa coffee but I’m pretty sure we’ve seen a couple cases over the years where fuel leaks from the injector itself, owing to a weakened crimp between the two sections of the injector body


But a leaking hose seems just as likely.

Either one should be easy to see.


Running the pump might help locating the leak, Doug - the leak may increase under pressure…?

And the greater the leak the more urgent…

xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)