[collectibles] Brochure Site update + News

Hullo to all

Seems about time we had some posts here so here’s one! I’ve just
updated the Brochure site with 13 new items, mostly older material as
that’s currently my main interest, plus some other news for you.

A brief listing is:===============

Swallow Coachbuilding brochure from 1929 (Austin Swallow - some very
nice illustrations here)

Fiat Swallow leaflet from around 1929

A Swift Swallow folder from around 1931

A letter with an interesting SS sticker on it

Used Motor Show from 1934 - an unusual Glass’s evaluation card that was
hung from the radiator, this is for an S.S.I

An SS Cars flyer that was an addenda to the main SS cars catalogue for

The main Jaguar range prestige brochures for both 1936 and 1937

Ditto for 1938

A leaflet with details of the signs and other materials available to
USA dealers in the late 1950s. Nice item for research if you find
material from that era

The official Jaguar guide to tuning an E-Type for competition use. A
scare booklet of interest to E-Type owners

A do it yourself XJ6! Autocar gave away a cut out and build XJ6 back
in 1968 - here it is, print it out, make it and put it on your den

The Hess and Eisenhardt brochure for the XJ-S Convertible

If there is any thing else listers want to see , please let me know.


I also notice that Ian Cooling now has a preview page up for the next
JAC postal Auction (1400 lots it says) so that must be getting close at
last (we are all eagerly awaiting this Ian!). Some nice items there,
especially my own interest of factory posters from the 50s although,
unfortunately, I can’t see any I haven’t already got. There is a real
rarity there in the shape of the Ian and Pat Appleyard Alpine Cup
poster from 1952.


The recent online auction by Bonhams of the ‘The Autocar’ archives
(another set of this will appear late this year) had some nice Jaguar
material in. I managed to get two drawings, including one of a C-Type,
but some of the other material went for very high prices with keen
bidding. The auction itself was a total shambles with bids failing
regularly and the rather unique ability to outbid yourself very easily.
Even after the event, the online payment system failed completely and
Bonhams were not aware of this at all. Hopefully, their next attempt
will be more successful.


Tony (UK) [1998 XKR Coupe]
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