[collectibles] D-Type items for disposal

Hi all, better start the month with a post. If you have plenty of wall
space for hanging things or are trying to build a D-Type from parts,
read on!

Any interest, please contact
Julian Soddy julviv@jvsoddy.freeserve.co.uk - he is NOT a list

I have no monetary interest in this, just trying to help the owner.
He’s in the UK (private seller). I also do not verify or guarantee any
info given here etc etc i.e. you are on your own once you make contact!===============
Long nose D Type bonnet, complete with brake ducts, mudshields etc and
in grey primer. From a car Lynx had built
many years ago for a Mr Davies, who wrapped it neatly round a tree, and
subsequently killed himself on a motorcycle. All this in spite of the
fact that it has XKD502 stamped on the rear strengthener.

Pair of lower rear wishbones and hubs from XKD 502. Fitted by Maurice
Charles in 1960 when this was the only D-type known to have been fitted
with IRS although the factory may have fitted an experimental back end
in 1956/7. These parts may also have been used in E1A the prototype of
the E Type.

Door from XKD555. Painted BRG and with part of white roundel

Passengers seat base or tool box from XKD 502

Four new D type inlet valves

Aston Martin DB3S steering wheel (not anodised black, but polished ally


Tony (UK) [1998 XKR Coupe] <@Tony_Bailey>
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