[collectibles] Info on Jaguar Coasters?

Found a set of green Jaguar coasters in my parents’ garage.
Cars on coasters are E-Type, XK150, Mark II Saloon, and XK-SS.
The only information I’ve been able to find on these are this
picture from an expired e-bay posting:


Was just curious if anyone knows when these were made; there’s
no information at all on any of the coasters or the tin they
came in. Thanks in advance–
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In reply to a message from sandwichmafi sent Wed 6 Mar 2013:

I can not tell you the history of these as to how old they may
be. I have the same set that I bought about seven years ago.

I think I bought them on ebay of which does not answer the
question of age however, I may have bought them at the dealer
gift shop. I am always buying old Jaguar items so the details
ie. age is not clear.

The original message included these comments:

Found a set of green Jaguar coasters in my parents’ garage.

Columbia, SC, United States
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I have come across a set also; the logo and color is pretty close to what my owners manuals are, so I am guessing late 80s vintage. Any information about them would be appreciated!