[collectibles] Re: So what does everyone collect?


I too have focussed on more specific things to collect - mostly
literature of various sorts and, of course, car parts!!! After all of
these years, I have most of the generic Jaguar books. But for me, the
period of interest is from '58 to '62 for XK150, Mk IX, and Mk2,
particularly XK150S stuff.

Dave Q.
Mk2, Mk VIIM> From Mike Morrin:

I wonder what the members of this list put into the ‘collectable’ category? <
Perhaps we could share our ideas on the subject. <
I don’t have any organised collection, just a few brochures, manuals and bits and pieces that seemed to relate to my cars.<
My collection of cars seems to have settled firmly on V12s, and I think I would like to eventually collect a set of all the Jaguar published documentation on the V12 powered cars. <