Cometic brand cam cover gaskets

Any feedback on the cometic brand aluminum/rubber cam cover gaskets? I have several sets of paper gaskets. They work, but sometimes weep. The aluminum/rubber sound good, but at $20+ each is it worth it?

In my opinion, yes. .

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They are the ONLY gasket I will use if they are available.
They are basically a foam type material sandwiching a piece of aluminum. They compress nicely snd fill any imperfections that a paper gasket wouldn’t.
I have used them for the xjs and E type.

Absolutely! Way better at sealing than the paper ones, and reusable.

Plus one more Paul. They are the gold standard.

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Thanks guys I ordered a set. I have 5 sets of paper gaskets if anyone needs a set or two.

They are soooo worth it…You save 3 tubes of silicone sealer :slight_smile:

I never used silicone on them that stuff is bad news on oil passages. I used high tack on cover side and head side dry. Only a weep at first, once the gaskets swell and I retorqed the nuts no leaks. Most covers that leak are warped. I like the idea of reusable gaskets though. Thanks for the input…

ONLY if misused: done properly, it works fine and poses no risk.

Agreed. If used sparingly it’s fine, but I find many think more is better…

As have I: I just want to emphasize that is NOT the fault of the silicone.


If you are in TX you might throw them in the fireplace for a little heat

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Just out of curiosity are they now specifically available for pre-XJ6 Series 3 cars or do you still have to cut a chunk out of the rear?

The set I ordered had the rears open in the pictures.

I love them. They don’t just seal better. They’re also reusable several times. The covers can be pulled off and replaced with no scraping or cleaning. For this reason don’t use sealant except a couple dabs by the rear corners.

The only downside is that you have to do a bit of trimming in the rear to get them to install. They do make them with the split rear but it usually comes out fitting better if you do it yourself.