Complete restoration of 1986 XJS

I recently purchased a 1986 XJ-SC V12 Targa for restoration. If anyone has experience with sourcing parts (body, engine, interior) and/or trouble shooting problems with restoration, I’d welcome the input.

I have a great complete, grey market SC in Colorado that I could be talked out of.

Just a couple of “reality check” comments - SC’s are labor’s of love - prices and desirability are strangely but consistently low, and even with the run-up in XJ-S’s as of late, gorgeous low mileage, “show-ready” SC’s can be had for sub $10k.

I restore the XJ lineage at my shop, so just a heads up that if you’re planning on doing an extensive restoration, I would strongly suggest you buy a car that’s 8/10th’s of the way there, your sanity and your pocket book will thank you!

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Thanks! It’s a project for sure. The mechanic I have has a truly top shelf ability and a crew to go with his skill. My eyes were open going in. It will be an education in frustration, followed by the elation of recreation!

Everything will be gone over and put right. I am aware from so many internet sites of the hazards you spoke of, yet I am pretty excited to get going.

What are the 3 things you would change in the systems and/or mechanics of the model if you could?

I’m working on a pair of Cabs.
I found this group:
There are some good articles specific to the Cabs.
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That sounds like the perfect solution for a rare car like that a willing Donor.

What condition is your car in?
How many miles?
Some pictures would help to assess needs.

The first thing that needed to be done to my 90 convertible was to relocate and repair the wiring in the valley. This included a new injector wiring harness and repair of the coaxial cable that links ignition and injection modules. Other conductors as well that were heat damaged.
Once this was completed car ran great.