[concours] Class Eighteen

Ideas concerning “class 18”
It is my opinion that class 18 (preservation class) should not exist as a
judged concours class where Jaguar cars are judged against an imagined ideal
that probably never existed outside the mind of the designers of the cars.
Jaguars were built, as we are reminded in the rule book, to be driven. Not
as rolling works of art. A tremendous amount of time energy and money goes
into a “concours” car. The cost of restoration is running from $80,000 to
$150,000 after the purchase of the car. Well beyond the reach of the average
person. Thus our sport is dying, people are staying away in droves!
We must find a way to encourage owners of well preserved original cars to
bring them out - with pride. We can learn from these cars. What did they
really look like? How were they really equipped from the factory (or dealer)?
With these ideas in mind I suggest that we honor these cars with a
designation I am calling the “Growler” at 3 levels: Gold, Silver and Bronze.
A Gold “Growler” would go to a car that is 90% to 100% original. The paint,
interior, Boot and engine compartment would be as they left the factory. This
car might be the rare example that was purchased new and put away.
A silver growler would be the car that has been a fair weather and weekend
pleasure car. That more common but still rare Jaguar that has survived 25 or
more years and has less than 50,000 miles “on the clock.” Greater allowances
could be made for repairs and replacement parts this car would be 80% to 90%
“from the factory” parts and finish.
A bronze Growler could be that lovingly cared for old car that has been “in
the family” for years, still 70% to 80% original. In good shape and a great
candidate for restoration “someday.”
None of this is to say that these cars could not be shown in competitive
concours any time. However the owners would not need to feel the pressure of
competition in order to “show off” their great Jaguars. Their cars could be
“honored” and. In fact, I think the clubs could (should) brag that X no. of
“Growler” cars will be on display at our event! Come see them along with the
finest restorations in this area.
In "honoring " the cars and taking away the feeling of criticism and judgment
from the wonderful examples we all know are out there perhaps more people will
bring them out.

Gary George, President
Rocky Mountain Jaguar Club

The idea of the gold silver and bronze “growlers” for class i8 cars is
a good one. There IS a lot of pressure in the concours, even in the Drivers
class, and it DOES keep people from showing their cars. I am thinking now of
one beautifully preserved, totally original Series II xj that is not shown
because of this factor.

                      Gregory Andrachuk
                      Canadian XK Jaguar Register

I can only reiterate that I really admire and enjoy examining original
cars. However, I will quickly add that I don’t think they should be
included as a separate JCNA Champion or Driven Class. We have alway
encouraged such cars to be brought out for display at our concours and
the owners are praised for sharing them. That’s where I think they

I suspect that there are only a handful of truly original old Jags in
the US. But there’s a whole batch of them which have been partially
restored or refurbished years ago. The current owners don’t know if
their cars are original or not and judges won’t be able to tell either,
except in the most obvious cases.

This class and the awarding of JCNA points was initiated by a Jag dealer
who claims to have many original cars. When the class was introduced on
a trial basis, some of his car ads immediately started quoting how many
JCNA points they had been awarded. I do not support using our judge’s
efforts for such commercial purposes.

Sorry this hasn’t helped define a new scoring system. I think individual
clubs should be encouraged to display original cars on their show fields
and make local awards as desired but not make it a sanctioned and judged
JCNA class.

Dick Cavicke
Chief Judge, San Diego Jaguar Club

We have been through this
ad nauseum’ for the past two years. The concensus of hundreds of ours
of deliberation, consideratiuon of many many possible scoring systems
and countless discussions was that it cannot be judged.

Something along the lines of Gary Georges proposal might work. It is
essentially what we have been saying for some time - and I like the
‘Growler’ idea - as long it is not ‘judged’ (he stoill has elements of
judging that will lead to the replacement of parts and
mis=representing originality of components), but who and how do we
determine the % original?? This has ALWAYS been the problem.

Perhaps non-commercial ‘expert’ judging committee, who just look at
the cars and award a level - similar to a judges choice or special
award committee does now.