[concours] Concours Digest V1 #61


Hi all – Following the judging thread, especially in Volume 01 # 61 – my
comments: many who do our Cats OVER-RESTORE them, with such things as
super-polished cam covers, 20 coats of hand-rubbed lacquer, total
high-gloss wood, etc., etc. – all with NO deductions because JCNA at this
point doesn’t deduct for cars finished during restoration BETTER than they
were ever built.

I’ve done very well with my original Mk IX over the years because I’ve
NEVER over-restored anything on this original Cat, just made sure it was
CLEAN. In fact, RHETT, 792817 BW, took the 1st North America for the new
Class 18, Preservation, in '97 because of this approach, as well as the 3rd
North America in Class 8, Big Saloons, in '96. RHETT has his flaws – some
from age, some from original factory work – but he tends to score well
because of CLEANLINESS as well as visible originality. Five examples: the
original ignition coil does have a relatively new Lucas sticker on it, but
the coil has been CLEANED so it looks good; the original sticker on the
points box is still readable so it hasn’t been replaced; the original decal
on the windscreen washer bottle holder is still readable so it hasn’t been
replaced; the cam covers and other alloy under the bonnet have been CLEANED
with metal polish but NOT over-polished; the original radio, Smiths
Radiomobile, AM only, tube-type, plays, but for good music, I plug a modern
“boom box” into one of the cigar lighters and enjoy the classical music (as
do many others at shows).

RHETT is pretty proud of his JCNA record; as his custodian, so am I. With
experience from 1978 to date, I recommend going after CLEANLINESS for high
points before spending megabucks on over-restoration. I hope all this
helps – Larry Martz