[concours] Re: Aluminum Radiators

Bob Knowles;
I may have jumped the gun. I saw a recent Guy Broad flyer which
advertised “All Aluminum Radiators”, when I read the smaller print it
indicated XK120, 140 & 150; 620 pounds each. I made an assumption that
they were doing them for E-types as well.

Based on what you have said, I would agree that the Marston Crossflow
should be allowed without deduction.

Dick Cavicke

There are several vendors offering Aluminium radiators for the 3.8 E, and
they are a more effective cooling solution than the original, no doubt.
Northampton Autorads
( http://www.jagweb.com/autorads/process.html ) also supply a “replica” of
the Marston, but even it is a modern alum crossflow with the fins
fabricated on to a end tank, and quite unlike the original.
There was an article about their radiators in Jaguar World Nov./Dec 1993.

Bob K