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Subject: Re: [concours] air cleaner housing color

The JCNA E-type Seminar Bulletin dated March 3-6 1994, Page 43, I.P.9,
states “Air cleaner canister, latches and air manifold; hammertone
silver. Few early canisters only: black.”

I personally have a very early 4.2 OTS (10155) whose canister is black.

Dick Cavicke

I judged a similar car in Preservation Class last year, I can tell nobody had
ever done anything to it, his canister is black (and dirty) I took off points
for the grime but not for it being painted black. He had owned the car since
new and had never done a thing to it (quite evident).

That is all I know on this subject

                                David Nichols (JOASW)