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<< Doug

I processed the JOASW results from Ft Worth last night and sent them to Tom
for the site, they should be up shortly.

D6 had a tie for first at 9.98… one them being current 6th place, they
should jump up since their previous average on 2 shows was 9.938… hmmm
that’s going to be close… :slight_smile: . all provisional, experimental and
unofficial for now of course…

Miami, FL >>

Re: D6
One of them is going to get even closer, D. McDowell worked all week on his
car after the Fort Worth concours, took it to San Antonio and got a “10”. A
REALLY slick car. A “10” in San Antonio is really something, the judging was
very tough. They are supposed to show in Austin on the 13th and then at the
Houston show in Galveston November 3rd. There are several other shows left,
“It ain’t over 'till it’s over”! I Love a good horse race!

                          David Nichols