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wow, that’s pretty drastic.

Champion :

    • I think 1 (pre XK) and 2 (XK120-140-150) is justified by the number of
      entries in these classes
    • Combining all E-types is a mistake as C5 is already the largest class.
      Maybe combining the S1 and S2 cars, but mixing the V12 and the XK engined is
      not going to work because of the huge difference under the bonnet. The
      number of components in a V12 E is so much larger that it doesn’t seem fair.
    • I don’t know enough about the differences between the S1 2 and 3 XJ6 to
      comment except that from a number point of view it makes sense. Unlike the
    • Combining early XJ40s with late models cars is also a mistake, as these
      cars have little in common and will place the owners of these cars at a
      disadvantage next to new car. I think a split is needed between the
      XJ40/X300 Vs X308/X/S. Since there are few XK8/R entering I guess they
      could go in the same class.

In Driven :

    • All E-types together could work since the engine isn’t judged unlike
    • I would also split the modern class in XJ40/X 300 Vs X308/S/X/XK8

If anybody is interested, I can run a test of the national results with
consolidation to see how many entries we would have in each class so far for


I agree with Pascal’s approach to class consolidations and realignments. I
must add that this is not a very good year to use as a statistical model for
reasons that we are all painfully aware of. A LOT of folks are too
preoccupied emotionally and financially to participate in any of these
events. Maybe we need to leave it as is for awhile?

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