[concours] Re: The E-Type/XKE

Thanks, all, for your help in clearing up the ‘E-Type/XKE’ question. I do
recall that my '73 had the ‘E-Type’ badging on the boot lid, but my
then-husband had, simultaneously, a ‘67 BRG roadster and I can’t recall any
badging anywhere on it. He called his an XKE. I knew mine was an E-type,
and a dealer friend (there’s the source of the problem, right?) told me that
the designation had changed after the V-12s were inserted. I knew you would
know. By the way, when the XJ-S was first introduced (I was still driving
the E-Type) I was unimpressed. After I sold the roadster, knowing
immediately I had make a mistake, I went on the prowl for another V-12. The
XJ-S is, to me at least, a tenfold improvement in performance, mechanics,
body integrity, etc., if not in style. The E-Type was sumthin’ else to look
at! Thanks again,
Emily Love