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Alan: the reason that Silver Sand car looked immaculate is that it has been
repainted; The badges have been put on in the wrong spot. The boot panel
should carry “JAGUAR” on the left side, and “SOVEREIGN” on the right, with
the “V12” below the “SOVEREIGN”. This misplacement of badges (sometimes to
cover a lost badge, as perhaps in this case), is very common, but it is a
sure sign of repair.
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There are some really nice XJ’s as I walked past a place called Paradise
in Sydney. There was an impressive XJ12 on the lift that looked exactly
like my
XJ 6 VDP, except that it was a 12 with the badging as follows -

Rectangular “Sovereign” baged that you get on today’s X300’s. Also says V12
the other side. But the paint was immaculate. I guess this was one of the
1988-1992 models. It was Metallic Silver Sand.


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