Convertible top problems

(Gary Mees) #1

Recently I have had a number of issues with the convertible top on my 99 XK8 and have sought advice in many places in doing so I stumbled across Marvin (no not the paranoid android) he can be contacted on 1-888-317-9340, he is extremely helpful and also sells parts you might need, not only that but if you can’t fix it he will fly to your location and fix it (yes you do have to pay him) he is a lead technician and knows his shit.

Please note I have no affiliation to him I am just recommending him because he is very helpful.


(Grahame Loader) #2

The December issue of Classic Jaguar has an article on repairing the top on X100’s

(Gary Mees) #3

Thank you I’ll check that out
I assume you mean December 2018 ?

(Grahame Loader) #4

Yes. I was going to say “this month’s issue” but the issues are always a month late, here in the colonies.