Converting headlights to LED style

Has anyone taken the steps to purchase a conversion to LED for their MK2. I want to put much less draw on the circuits using the newest technology. Some I have seen appear to be two piece units where the bulb is purchased separately and definitely not inexpensive.

There is a lot of talk on the E Type forum on the subject. Have a look there. E’s have some particular problems with bucket depth - but most learnings should migrate to a Mk2. Paul

Thanks, I’ll take a peek over there.


Hey Gerard,
The problem with the E-Type buckets that Paul mentioned
is only with the covered headlight cars. They have a slope
to the back of them for tire clearance. S2 and S3 have the
standard buckets.

Yes, that’s correct. That’s the trouble with working out of your own little corner - no perspective! My car is a Series 1. Paul:slightly_smiling_face:

In the meantime, for the future, and maybe as a much cheaper alternative, have you relayed your headlights ?

The Saloons runs the headlights thru the switch and over 12ft of wire…a truely horrible situation

Placing relays near the headlights make them shine significantly brighter, and virtually eliminate the problems of switches or wires frying

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A few years ago I fitted these Stark LED headlamps to my Austin America which is negative ground. The 7 inch lens is flatter than the usual 7 inch headlamp so the look is a bit different. Fitting the electronic device into the headlamp bucket was tight but I did get it to fit. The three prong plug fits directly into the car harness. The light output is significantly greater with these LEDs!

Ive read many of those posts. I actually just purchased the Vc5000 set from Relayed my lights but installed the relays behind the panel on my E type series 3. This way “no wiring harnesses were harmed during the modification“ :wink:. And both the switched coil side as well as input and output of relay contacts have circuit protection.

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I just fitted the LED replacements offered by - nothing else required.

What part number from this huge selection of goodies on the web page?