Converting XK150 Transmission

I’m coverting my 150 from 3 speed auto to manual. A coupld of questions:

  1. What do the transmission supports look klike and are they something that I can source?
  2. Can someone send me a pic of where the Bell Crank Lever Anchor Bolt attaches for the clutch return?
  3. Do you have to remove the leather on the dash face to remove the bolt mounting the shift mechanism?

I’m sure I’ll have more! Thanks in advance.

Hi…gearbox mounts from Coventry Auto …haveing to remove the leather dosnt sound right but i dont know…the Viart book xk150 explored would be a good tool for you…unfortunatly the forum dosnt allow us to post photo’s from it… where are you located…is the car left or right hand…Steve

Bell crank lever info from Coventry auto again

Thanks Steve!
I’m in upstate NY. The car is LHD.
It does seem strange that the factory would assemble the auto shift mechanism in this order. They woiuld havbe had to bolt the unit to the bottom of the dash facia prior to covering it with leather.

I’m also curious to know if the manual transmission has any other supports outside of the ones you showed above. The auto box did not but was a shorter unit.