Convoluted C-type for sale

When you’re trying hard to imply more than you can actually claim, with some twisty legal issues on top…

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I read the description and I am totally confused, are there two XKC044’s running around? If I owned the real 44 I would be livid, how does car 50 fit in?

Here is the info on xkedate for the “real” xkc044 and comments about this copy from previous times its been for sale…however it is being advertised as a recreation…i dont understand how Germany registered it as xkc044 or why they havent yet withdrawn its registration… Steve JAGUAR SPORTS RACERS - XKC044 - Jaguar C-Type, D-Type, XKSS and Lightweight information, articles, photos and register

Selected low points in the artistic license speil …

“he purchased a chassis and an original 3.4 Litre engine block”

“told us that he had constructed most part of the chassis, and the owner had brought only a piece of chassis and papers that allowed the car to be registered as XKC 044”

“the engine in C 3443 has been identified as E 1049, and that engine came originally with XKC 050”

So … the most original thing about it appears to possibly have been paper … as in “papers that allowed the car to be registered as XKC 044”?


The real XKC044 remains at Autorestorations in Christchurch where it was for sale on behalf of its Australian owner. Photos from the recent Jaguar National rally tour of their facilities at Easter show it no longer has its NZ numberplate affixed, so I’m wondering if it might have sold?

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The fact that there is a real one and a copy with the same chassis number is mind blowing. This should not be allowed and whomever registered it first with the copy chassis number should be embarrassed.


There is a great book that examines many of the issues related to vintage car identification called “The Past and the Spurious” by Paul Griffin. It is an excellent examination of the concept of “originality” and how that is determined in different situations and in different countries.

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I was considering buying this ca 20 years ago, it was registered as XKC044 in Germany and the engine block appeared to be a real C-type engine block.

But I have not understood how and why when that engine block is from XKC050, apparently XKC044 originally had engine number E1043 and XKC043 had engine number E1044.