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DATE: 25-5-97 12:49 AM

RE: Copy of: Concours generally

I do not envy anyone who aspires to restore a car and enter it in concours
events. For example, you will enter it in one show and lose marks for
something, then fix that “defect” for the next show, and lose marks for the same
thing, simply because 2 judges have different ideas on originality. I would
also caution against treating everything in the JCNA materials re XKs as
“gospel”. There are in fact many errors. But then, if you are entering a JCNA
concours, what should you do? As I think you say in the USA, “go figure”! You
would not be the first person to have altered a genuine original feature of an
old Jaguar to NON original, merely to satisfy a judge who does not know what is
right, but thinks he does. Is concours really worth it? Regards, John Elmgreen---------- Forwarded Message ----------
From: John Elmgreen, 100353,1733