Copy of: [xj-s] Replacement differential saga - balls to your warranty

TO: Ray Thackeray,
DATE: 2/14/99 2:41 AM

RE: Copy of: [xj-s] Replacement differential saga - balls to your

I missed the start of this thread so I’m punting a bit here.

Ray wrote in ref. to a failed differential.

He confirmed that it is a “Factory reconditioned unit, the only used
is the casing, everything else is rebuilt…”<<<<

There is probably no such thing as a " Factory Rebuilt Unit " for this
component ie. torn down and rebuilt in a controled factory process by the
OEM, with inspection, test and warranty etc. etc. Manufacturers do this
for their own commercial powertrain stuff for truck fleets but I’ve never
heard of high volume automotive components being done this way.

Chances are it is sent out to a local gear shop for reconditioning. Once in
their hands the final result is dependant on the skill of the mechanics and
the quality of the parts used. The parts may be from the original
manufacturer if you are lucky but could be from a multiple of other

A good give away, if the “Reconditioned Unit” is factory authorised, it
will have come to the dealer through their parts supply system and be
identified as “Reconditioned by ABC Corp. for Ford Motor CO” or something
like that and will have a new serial no. plate with the rebuild date so
they can track the warranty.

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