Correctly Registered Replicas

As we now have a new forum section for Replicas i thought i should highlight the murky world of Replica registrations…Im UK based so dont know registration requirements for other parts of the world…The most important thing thats been drummed into us all when buying a used Jag is to check the registrstion (title) and the matching numbers and to look it up on Xkedata…I was absolutely ammazed when i got into replicas only 3 years ago that many of these Replicas are actually not registered but driving about on the numberplate and registration documents of a “doner Jag” car…most have no Vin or chassis number stamped and as such are not actually road legal…Any newly built replica in UK built since 2009 should have an SVA or IVA test certificate so if you fancy a Replica ask the questions and ensure you check that its registered correctly…the documents should not say XJ6 if your actually looking at a replica C type…Steve

Yes Steve… Suffolk built some stunning XJ6 and MK2 Jags over the recent years, for example. :wink:

Hi Martin…Interesting that you should mention Suffolk…as we both know most if not all of their Factory built cars were not registered…and if you looked up the numberplate details of their cars invariably they would show up as XJ6 or Mk2…I do wonder if this has any bearing on the fact that they have now gone into administration and closed down…Steve

What does 'in UK built since 2009 mean? A replica could be built from, say, 2003-2008 and attempt registration in 2009 some time after it was built and have invoices to prove it. Is that ‘built after 2009’?

Do you mean any donor modified after 2009?

What about cars built abroad, running around quite happily with US or Euro documents? If they are imported to the UK like any other US/EU road legal car, does their existing legal status get ignored and they have to go through SVA or IVA testing as if they were cobbled together last week?

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Hi Peter I am no expert on Vehicle Registration but all the details can be found as far as the UK is concerned on the DVLA website for registering a vehicle…There are quite a few catagories for registering…one of which it a “Kit converted vehicle”…you purchase a kit of parts “chassis/ body” lets say from Realm…then you get yourself a doner car…XJ6…you then build your “C”… with parts…engine and major parts from the XJ6 onto the new chassis/ body which has a VIN (chassis) number supplied by the manufacturer…on completion you want to register it but first you must pass an IVA test…only then will DVLA give you a V5 registration document stating that this is a new vehicle (if now 2020) but they will give you an age related numberplate dated as per your doner car…
As im sure your aware E types imported to UK from US now supposed to be inspected befor registration…in reality some some are not…if you are inspected and the details dont match say your engine number or body type are different then you wont get registered…my advice to all is make sure you understand the registration requirements for your build…Steve

Re built since 2009…what i ment was that SVA/IVA was introduced in 2009 so any replica/kit/modified vehicle built since that date should have been tested…Steve

So many misconceptions here I’m afraid. The original SVA (Special Vehicle Approval) was introduced in 1998, so any car built after that should have passed the test. However, in 2009 this was updated to the IVA (Individual Vehicle Approval) and the documentation from the government runs to over 300 pages. In the case of a Realm D-type it is not too difficult to build the car to these rules, but it will be treated as a new car, pay road tax (unlike historics) and be subject after three years to the MOT. However, “continuation” cars such as the Aston Martin DB4 GT cost £90,000 to change to conform to the regulations, and any of the recent Jaguar D, E or XKSS cost about £25,000. When the rules changed there was a amnesty period when you could have the registration changed to show the correct vehicle and not the old one, so for example an XJ6 becoming an SS100.

Where Suffolk went wrong was carrying on making cars using old identities and selling them to clients without telling them that their car was completely illegal. The DVLA got wind of this and supposedly have a list of several hundred registration numbers, and when the car is sold they then demand photos of the car. Of course, a photo of an SS100 does not look much like an XJ6, so the DVLA are withdrawing the registration of the car until it has passed the IVA and is then correctly registered as a new car. I know of one Suffolk C-type where this is ongoing. This though did not cause the demise of Suffolk; they were deep in debt and used the virus as an excuse to pull the plug leaving creditors high and dry. Furthermore, Roger Williams has kept the stock and a new company is being formed to carry on trading debt free.

Hi Tony…as far as im aware you can no longer get a D type from Realm…Steve

He has sold the rights to the XKSS, that I knew, but didn’t know the D-type had gone as well. It certainly doesn’t show on the AK website. Only the XKSS.

And unfortunatly you cant get the xkss as a kit they are only selling as a completed vehicle…lets hope they IVA it…Steve