Corvette Tire Swap to my 71 xj6

I know it’s been discussed here before but here goes another question.

Do you think a 275/60/ZR17 tire would fit on my 71 XJ6.
I have 225/60/16 on 96 XJ6 wheels on it now. they are 7" wide and clear everything.
They are mounted on Corvette wheels now.
What do you think?

Idk, but I’d like to see pics of the corvette wheels on your jag. Do they drive ok? They center on the jag hubs ok? Did you use centering rings?

The rear might hit the fender, but depends on the rim’s offset.
The front, I think no way, 275/60/ZR17 will have a diameter of 30", compare to 26.9" original 215/70 R15.

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