Cost of engine replacement

how much should i pay to replace the engine of an xk8?

You are actually on the wrong forum. "XK engine refers to the classic DOHC six, mostly history after about 1987.

If you would re-post this on the XK8 forum (maybe with a little more detail) I’m sure you’ll get some replys.

I can tell you that it wouldn’t be cheap, and you would almost surely end up with more in the car than it is worth on the market. That doesn’t necessarily mean that it wouldn’t be right for you.

Bob Frisby
Boise Idaho
1970 E-type S2 FHC and 1999 XK8

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Hi David welcome to the forums. As has been suggested a little more information is required before an answer could even be considered, location would be a good start, this is a world wide forum I’m in New Zealand so any sort of pricing that I could suggest would probably be way off the mark.

It all depends on if you’re having someone else source, remove and then install the engine. Massive difference in price if you go with a junkyard engine or try to find a factory long block too. If you go junkyard and do the work yourself, you could probably get it done, even with replacing some odds and ends stuff, for a grand or less. If you have someone else do everything then the sky’s the limit. Especially when you figure a lot of shops charge at least $70-$100 an hour for labor. It can really add up quickly.

Thanks for your reply. I live in Las Vegas, NV , and I don’t have the skill set, or tools to do the job. The caris in a shop right now- engine: 1500 US, labor around $2500. So the total will be around 4000.

Thank you Jason. I am having someone do the work; engine $1500, labor around 2500. I guess it could be a lot worse.

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Hi David. I also live in Vegas. Those prices seem reasonable for a used engine and labor, but I would want to be sure the new engine has the correct Tensioners, and maybe a water pump, before install. Install could also require a significant number of new hoses ( maybe that’s included in the 2500?). A remanufatured short block is available on Ebay for about $2500.

You have to look at the big picture
If we are talking about a 1997 to say 2001
If your car has 100,000 miles
Go buy another one with way less mileage
Around New York it’s at least 6 grand
At least but then the transmission suspension
It will never end
You will be in 10 grand easy
The cars mint are 12 tops?
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I trust my mechanic, so I’m sure he will do the job correctly. I do appreciate the info Mike. And the water pump ws the culprit that caused the engine to blow- that is included in the price - I hope!

David just for giggles
How many miles were on your original

Surprisingly it only had 57k miles, It sat in a garage 4 5yrs. i had a water pump prob, and was taking it in to be repaired when it blew. Replacement engine has 58k. I paid 6500 for the car; with rentals and repairs it will be 12k. the jag life I guess!

nothing to giggle about u sicko- j/k1

Yeah that’s about right…
Keep us in the loop how it goes once it’s installed
Wishing the best…

I just spoke with my mechanic-,it should be ready tomorrow


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