Country flag edit request

Hello, this may be a rarther pedantic and esoteric request, but the image currently in use for the Bahrain flag is the version prior to 2002. Could we get it updated to the current version? (Five points: :bahrain:)

P.S. I assume the flags are used to indicate one’s current location, so folks can infer things like vehicle market versions, vendors, etc, rather than nationality (in which case I’d be using the wrong flag altogether!)

This may be a dumb question, but where is Bahrain? I’ve never heard of it before … :confused:

It’s an island nation just north of Qatar. Very nice place I’m told by folks who have been there.

It’s quite a small country, so many people haven’t heard much about it before, unless you’re familiar with the Gulf or you’re a Formula One fan (it was the first track in the Middle East to host an F1 race, “way back” in 2004, well before Abu Dhabi. Pre-season testing starts in a few weeks and the opening race of the 2024 season is in Bahrain on March 2). Driving from where I live in the northeast of the country to the track in the southern part of the island usually takes about 35 min if the traffic is light. Between track days and the karting circuit (which is NICE) I’ve done that route many times. Population is just over a million and a half, and it generally rates fairly high on “desirable places to live/work for expats.”

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Goes to show… Bahrain used to be a regular stop over/transit country for Qantas flights Australia to London. Did it many times, but now annoyed I never took a couple extra days to have a look around. These days the main transit place is Dubai or AbuDhabi ( both are in UAE) depending on airline, with multiple final destinations available, or indeed Doha (in Qatar). Look what you Northern Hemisphere people miss out on, with all your 5 minute flights to get anywhere :grinning:

Yes, that’s what it should represent, with some pointless but tolerated exceptions, mainly ukrainian and antarctican flags…
I remember Bahrain in the context of F1!
Likely the flag is part of the general forum software and nobody else has ever noticed in thousands of online forums! :smiley:

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Had not noticed nor had I thought of the Antarctic flag… :slight_smile: