Couple of ?s Re: Interior Lights

I noticed a couple of things the other day when I was playing around with my interior light buttons. I don’t know why I never noticed this before, but:

(1) whenever the rear fog lights are activated, why is there a light on the warning light strip which lights up to let you know that, when the fog light button itself lights up? Kinda redundant function there, Jaguar … :roll_eyes:

(2) if you activate the button for the right (i.e. passenger) side interior lights, the rear right side light is activated as well as the front right map light. O.K., but whenever you activate the button for the left (i.e. driver’s) side interior lights, only the rear left side light is activated but not the front left map light. :confused: The only time the left map light comes on, apparently, is whenever the door is open. Is this possibly a safety feature, so the driver isn’t tempted to read (e.g. a map) while driving and/or so that the driver is not blinded/distracted by the map light likewise?

Your car has rear fog lights? Or just the switch in the dash, I thought that was just for European autobahn.

My interior lites are sort of like that too…an 88…never seen rear fog lites in my whole life…maybe some people drive in reverse. …

Actually, my question is: Your car has a fog light button? On my '83, which only came with front fog lights, the only fog light switch was the headlight switch, having another step beyond the headlights. This did disable the high beams (required by law with the four round headlight scheme, because you are prohibited from operating more than four headlights at a time) but sent power to the rear rather than the front. The front fog lights were non-functional, and there were no rear fog lights. I had to modify the wiring to get the front fog lights to actually work. And then, of course, the indicator light on the dash came into play because there is no indicator light on the headlight switch.

The purpose of the rear fog light is not to see in reverse, it is so the car behind you can see you in the fog. Not just on the autobahn, but on any road where your presence may not be seen.

It may be that the wiring harness on the car is set for a rear light, and wired to the headlight switch. The extra switch on the dash is for a front light, which would be less important (you can slow down in the fog, but you can’t control the crazy guy behind you). If I recall correctly, UK requires a rear light, but not a front.

This is. a photo of a left hand drive XJR. Notice how one light is slightly brighter than the other? That’s the rear fog light. If it were a right hand drive model, it would light the other corner of the car. An overtaking vehicle can easily judge where you are.

Rear fogs work on my 95 coupe. They did also on my 2000 XJ8 VDP. Both cars NA spec

Really? So it just makes one of the regular taillights a bit brighter than the other? Does it do that by energizing the brake light filament?

My 94 has rear fog lights. When I first got the car, I couldn’t figure out how to turn them on. I’d hit the switch but no light. Changed the bulbs (1156?) and still no joy.

Once I turned the headlights on and THEN hit the switch, I had extremely bright lights on both sides. The fogs are located in the bootlid. I’m gathering the pieces to install front fogs, hopefully the car is wired for them both. I do know the front fogs have the wiring in place, I just need the jumper since I have the dual fog switch on hand.


Ah, there you have me. I would have to dig into a car to know for sure. I don’t think so, because then you would have no brake light (it already being on).

When I had my Boxster, there was a separate bulb. The switch was also different. You would first need to turn on the lights (either parking or head). Then, you’d pull the switch out. First out would be front fogs, second would be front and rear. Turning on the main beam (not dipped) would turn of the front fogs, under the logic that if you can use the main beams without blinding yourself, you don’t need fogs.

I’m not surprised “newer” cars would have operating lights. They are a good idea. I’m assuming older cars do not. I need to play with mine (a '91). I seem to remember some cars having a light in the bumper, but could not find a photo online.

One other thought, relating to the light on the dash: Those lights are a bit blinding to those following, if there is no fog. It may be a reminder to shut them off when they are no longer needed. Unlike fronts, you can’t see that they are on from the driver’s seat, and who drives while looking at their headlight switch?

There are separate bulbs for the fogs. The running and brake light operate as normal. The fogs are extremely bright and are brighter than the the brake and running lights.

I’ve only used them twice while crossing the the Bay Bridge in Maryland during very heavy fog.


Yeah. They are bright.

Yep, and they shine bright red when on. In fact, for those annoying tailgaters at night with their high beams on right in my mirrors, I wish I could modify them to shine with bulbs of the same wattage as the FRONT fog lights! :rage:

IIRC, the red rear fogs are built into the rear bumper on Superblue (my '94 4.0 coupe). And as mentioned, the purpose of them is supposedly to allow cars behind you to see you better in the fog and not run up on your rear end. :relieved:

What years had this feature…never heard of such a thing…

The post face-list XJSes, as near as I can tell. Anyone :question: