Covid mileage – how’re you doing?

Covid restrictions have seriously limited use of the car. Since MOT in June, only 632 miles completed, almost all being weekly ‘rounds’ of the offices I visit – each no more than 15-20 miles (often less) made up of a few short sections. In this cool weather I doubt the thermostat even opens, and I can smell the unburned fuel in the oil. Filled up with fuel this morning after an essential run out to terrorise the locals, MPG (Imperial) on last tankful of these short cold trips was 15 – happy enough with that – on a warm long run this extends to around 23. Really looking forward to getting more use out of it. 3.4 Auto, electronic ignition – pretty much all else standard albeit in pretty much as new nick.

Only out and in the garage this year :roll_eyes:
Very few miles last year with lock down !

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Actually still been doing a decent amount of driving, including shipping the car back east to be with my family for 6 months and doing a few 100+ mile drives. Now back in CA where the weekend driving is real nice. The only read difference is that now the cruises are solo and back home vs. meeting people and hanging.

My lady and I took jag out this afternoon and bought the “queen” at wal mart for $4.88 to make us Royal Rednecks

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Love it! Even from the other side of the pond.

Why don’t you lot drive around a bit if the weather is nice? The Covid doesn‘t care for miles driven, but the cars, they do! Call it „exercise“, essential travel…!
I have zero Jaguar miles since November or so, but it’s neither pandemic nor weather.

Weather has not been great in the UK , our best day was yesterday , back to rain today :sweat_drops:

We’re pretty much unlimited in New South Wales. We’ve not had a Sydney wide lockdown since forever. Still wearing masks on public transport.

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Quite impressed with Tigger getting good mileage numbers. I once got about 22 mpg on a US gallon in Wyoming. Took Another toy out for a spin as our restrictions are quite unlimited here in Colorado. I needed to break in the Positraction (LSD) on our “Goat” so I did a dash up to Wyoming and back. I was getting near the speed limit on my tires which I believe is 118 MPG. Legal speed limit was just 75 MPH. The car was barely breathing:

I got 12.8 MPG on this trip, not back for a 400 Cubic Inch monster!