Craig Restores a Series III OTS - Part VI

It does, but the problem with a lot of modern-built switches is they tend to develop leaks, apparently, and with the mechanical one, that will initiate the red lights sooner than the hydraulic one.

Judging by your photos you are talking about brushes, not bushings.

Yeah, yeah – – Yeah
Brushes – those brush things; not bushing’ Sheeesh

Craig not-a-mechanic Balzer

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It will fit but will become slow in no time. It lights up well after the brakes engage, quite dangerous in traffic. I went through about 4 if them before hooking up a mechanical one to the brake pedal.

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I went back through the archives and found a thread from 2015 where mechanical brake switch NAPA SL 143 was recommended and back then was priced at $13.00. Couldn’t tell if this was for Series I/II or all Series’ of E-Type (so much of the discussion here is 6-cylinder-centric). But logic dictates Jaguar would keep as much of the hardware consistent across all series - maybe

Found this today

priced at $14.00.

My only concern with this option is the threads are likely metric but I reckon a bit of fab-ing could cover that . . .

That isn’t a mechanical switch. That is hydraulic, just like the original. This is the type most people use. The threading is irrelevant because you have to fabricate a little bracket to hold it in front of the brake pedal. On the short cars there is a convenient brake pedal box stud in line with the pedal that can be used to secure the bracket which is nothing more than a piece of strap steel with a couple bends.

You’ll need to take a peek under your dash or ask the question of where to secure it on a S3. Then you just plug in the wires. There is a convenient union at the left corner of the dash where the brake switch wire can be tapped into. Then adjust the switch so it triggers the light with the lightest pedal movement, finis.

Here’s how it’s done on a Series II. Shown with the color coordinated elastic clutch return spring. I picked up the switch at NAPA, part number ATM1433011.

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Thanx for the tutorial and details re installation.
I used your link and ordered the last one the vendor had
Cleared that hurdle (and dodged a future bullet) with your help and that of the other JL-ers, especially John Walker


CRAIG, try this tape.

Thanks Dennis – that is an interesting find.
Appreciate the lead

The LEDs will be better…:grimacing:

Already ordered stop/tail lights panels and a pair for the front huge and orange turn signal lamps
Notified of shipping (from Welsh Ent) this AM

Just saw this on your post Craig……… reminded me of my father saying “ it’s God’s way of giving me exercise”

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I LIKE it.
A lot

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