Craigslist xjs 1990 30k/$9k

No affiliation. If I were looking this one might be worth a peek. I certainly seen much worse for same or more money…

Only 30K miles? Seems hard to believe on a '90 … :open_mouth: My fav color combo, btw, but think I’ll pass on the sunroof … :-1: Also, they need to get those wire wheels off of it before they have an accident … :grimacing:

The sunroof is definitely unfortunate. A lot of good cars were screwed up during the “sunroof craze.”

I have one sunroof car in my wares that was actually done very well, different but interesting.

Hard color combo to find, and a overly concour engine compartment - which as gorgeous as it is, means it needs everything :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. I’m a sucker for fresh factory cad though, oh momma.

I love it when they say all the A/C needs is a “charge”. If that’s the case why not charge it before you sell it.

30,000 miles in 32 years on a Jaguar sports car … yeah right.

You nailed it Grooveman!
Like the one that says “runs great. ABS light”

Reflection in the paint looks peculiar.

I think a lot of the problems these cars have, meaning the huge expensive list of them once you buy the thing, could be lessened if people would actually drive them and fix stuff as it comes up over the years.

I thought the same about the paint. Looks like a poorly done respray.

Not saying that this looks like a 30k mile car (though from what I can see of the driver’s seat those bolsters look pretty good), but it’s not like 30k or less cars are that uncommon.

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Leather’s probably hard as a rock, look ok till it’s sat in a bit unless you drown it in leatherique or such maybe. You have to have a seriously rigid and correct care routine to keep a car nice with low miles over multiple decades. Can be done, isn’t often.

I bought my XJS with low miles, 48,000. Needed a ton of maintenance and parts. It had sat for 7 years which really hurt it.

But the core of the engine/car is in excellent shape. Low mileage cars this old should be seen as a jewel in the rough.

Very possible lots of old people buy them stick them in the Garage in their winter Homes in California, Arizona, Florida and Hawaii. A car not driven is not always good.

I bought an 86-ish XJS Hess Convertible with 22k on the clock. It was $6000. The story was exactly as Rob suggests… for the previous owner it was just a car to keep at the beach house. It wore a cheap repaint, which looks good and all a used car deserved at the time. Probably done to fix crazed thermoplastic paint. It needed maybe two grand in parts to “zero hour” the perishable bits and make it a good running car. I”m talking everything though, every hose, every bushing, window seals, axle output shaft seals, brake hoses… everything. It needed AC work too. Who needed AC on Cape Cod? But overall, it is way cheaper to fixed up a low miles mechanically neglected car than a cosmetically neglected car. Just be happy to see an XJS advertised for under $15k, the prices a ridiculous now. I like these cars, but they aren’t $15k cool to me.

Looks like the owner “deleted” the listing … did it sell, orrr … ? :confused: