Crank handle ends

Hi, I have just been researching engine crank handles on this forum because I have one for my MKIV but the end does not fit the dog on the crankshaft pulley, I came across a picture attached of a crank handle which has the same end as mine, is this for a earlier car ?

That is for a Mark V.

Rob is correct - its Mark V (all models) - see below… Jaguar Part No C.2655

For Mark IV, there were two different Starting Handles - a 1470 with 2-teeth dog for 4 cylinder cars (1-1/2 litre) and a 1406 with 3-teeth dog for 6 cylinder cars (2-1/2 & 3-1/2 litre) …

When I snapped the end off my 1.5 MK IV crank handle I made one from a spare socket set until I managed to actually find a replacement original handle. Roger’s information gives you more retails, but here are some photo of my “temporary job”.

Crank handle end (2)

Thanks all, I will put a list together of what is not of use to me and post on the classified


Somewhere in my stash there is a 2-jaw end piece from a 1-1/2 L crank handle.
If there is any interest, I can dig for it.

Hi Rob
My car is a 2.5 will it fit ?

No. See my posting and photos. All 6 cylinder Mark IV (so your 2-1/2 litre as well as 3-1/2 litre) have a Starting Handle with a 3-tooth DOG - its pictured. The 2-teeth DOG only suits the 1-1/2 litre (4 cylinder) Mark IV

That’s to align the crank and dog nut to match the optimum compression point for hand cranking - three compressions per revolution for a six cylinder and two for a four. If rebuilding an engine, it is important for the dog nut to be backed with shim washers sufficiently to have the optimum pull up point at about the 8 o’clock position.

You pull the handle upwards to start the engine. And be sure to use the right hand, so the handle will slip out of your hand in case of backfire.
When my mother was in high school she broke her arm cranking her 1933 Pontiac when it backfired.

I was advised by my grandfather to make sure the thumb was not wrapped around the handle, ie all digits were on the inside of the swing. This was in case the engine kicked into life but the crank didn’t immediately disengage and whipped forward. In theory it shouldn’t happen but it can and I think it could be that as you are yanking the handle up, you are subconsciously pushing the handle hard up against the dog nut. My father also reinforced this safety advice.

There were many anecdotes of Henry’s wonderful T breaking the odd arm or two. Talking of Ts, has anyone experienced a short circuit through their body when testing a T spark plug? I didn’t know what hit me - firmly etched in my memory 50 years on. I had a finger just touching the screwdriver shank whilst leaning against the front mudguard. Wow, those old trembler coils have some punch!