Crankshaft Pulley on the V12

Hi all,
My concern is on my S3 E type.I’ m looking for a V12 front crankshat pulley.
I use a 1989 XJS V12 on my E Type S3. The E type needs a pulley with a smaller groove to drive the steering pump and the XJS use 3 grooves with the same diameter.
It seems that on the early XJ V12, the pulley looks like the one from the E Type, 3 grouves, 2 identical ones and one smaller.
Am I right ? Which XJ car used this ? If someone has on I’m interested.

I don’t know if one is available, but if you look up harmonic balancer rebuilders, you can find someone who can repair your old one.

My '74 XJ V12 does not have a harmonic damper.
Mine has 4 belts to drive the steering pump, fan, air pump and alternator, but they all seem to be the same width and the grooves in the pulley all seem to be the same diameter.
The '76 parts book shows two pulleys stacked up, a C.37892 pulley with 3 grooves and another pulley C.36013 with one groove.
Possibly because there were versions with and without the emissions air pump, they could leave off the extra pulley?
You might try Jaguar Heaven in Stockton Calif. They ship anywhere UPS goes.

Michel, I do have some NOS V12 E pulleys available. Let me know your address and I will work out cost to you.

Michel, came across your post just by chance. Don’t usually look at XJ site as I don’t have one.
If you looking for E parts, post on E site man, I could probably help you with a few items.

Hi Norman,
I’ve found one in the US.
Than you so much anyway.
I keep your 2d message in mind If I need other parts, I ll ask you first.