Cross ply XK tyres

Has anyone else tried the new Stella Bianca tyres yet?

I have a set of Pirelli Rolle 6.00 x 16 whitewall tires. I have not been able to find a date for them but I estimate about 1960.
When is the last time anybody has seen Pirelli whitewalls?


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I have them on a 140 DHC, since October.
They were so stiff on the sides that the tyre shop had a hard time fitting them.
They look 100% period correct. Super cool.
They are so stiff in the rubber that they take some driving to warm up, each time. I began with 2,5kg, then went to 2,0 and they were still too hard. I am now driving them with 1,6kg. Thatś about 22npsi.
Road holding is fantastic. Very close to the Michelin Pilote X, which are the best for the XKs, from a road holding perspective.
Will I put the Stella Bianca on another XK?
Perhaps, but the Cinturatos are my favourite when you pit all the characteristics into the equation.

There is a fresh delivery of the Cinturato on the way to us.

It currently says coming soon, but we hope to have them by the end of September.

my guess is this comment will be marked as commercial. Which of course it is. However i also hope it is considered informative. There are a lot off people out there waiting for the Cinturato, but unfortunately the delivery date has been effected by the thing i don’t like to mention.