Cruise not available

Ok so we have checked all possibility on this "cruise not available " can not get to the root of the problem!
I have checked for vacuum leaks ,looked at connections in lower kick panels , etc. the funny part is that the cruise control works fine. it sets the speed holds it there releases when you step on the brake. Can anyone clue me in on what is going on ??? i have scanned got weird codes u2515 ,p1582 , u1091, u2012

A MY would be nice but I am going to guess 2003MY onward (4.2 liter).

You will never be able to clear the P1582 (EDR) without a dealer level diagnostic device.
The Engine Data Recorder is stored and accessed through the SETUP and CONFIGURATION tab. The option to clear the 2 second data frames recorded is offered when you ‘click’ on the DONE or RETURN tab.

The ‘U’ codes are network and it depends on the module you are interrogating.

XK_2003RANGE.pdf (373.5 KB)

Thanks for code id pdf . I will rescan system pull the codes again. WIll let you know outcome.

Ok went through codes looked at possible faults still stuck on this . Rescanned u1041 code sticks out at me the most . and also getting 2 other codes uu2515,u2012,u1135 as well . One of my local jag repair shops thinks possibly bad instrument cluster . looking at it (pulled out and apart nothing stands out ) no burn marks or bad solider joints. I did notice something interesting when I scanned with Autel scanner vs snap on ,autel showed steering angel sensor that was not 0 when the wheel was straight . I haven’t looked at this on other Jags but most other cars i have worked on say 0 when in the steering wheel is straight. Could Either of these or both be the root of my problems . I do know u codes are usually can connection problems ,this one has got me . The other thing is the cruise control works fine ,however performance of the car is not there. I hear it knocking when i step on it like knock sensors are bad or ??
where do i go ??