Cup holder for Series 3 rear center armrest

(Roger Coole) #1

Does anyone know what’s inside it? I’d like to put a cup holder in it, but i’m not sure what’s in it. The cup holder is 3" deep by 3.25" wide, so it should fit ok, depending on what’s inside. I have a spare armrest to use for this so I can always put the original one back in.


(phillip keeter) #2

Can’t you take a look inside your spare and see what’s inside?

(Roger Coole) #3


Yes, I could. It’s just that if I find something I can’t cut thru I
will have destroyed it for no reason.

Was just hoping someone may have had one apart before.


(Rob Reilly) #4

If no one offers a more informed answer, I will offer this.
Can you take it apart in the reverse order of how it was put together by the factory upholsterers? Then stop when you see the answer to your question. It ought to be reversible from there if you decide not to proceed.

(Roger Coole) #5

Hadn’t thought of that. Thanks!


(Roger Coole) #6

I followed your suggestion. I removed the staples from the end and was able to see what was inside.

The top is about 1" of foam rubber, then a 5/8" piece of plywood. The rest is just more foam rubber. So to put a cup holder in it I have to get a hole saw. The top cushion layer is glued to the wood, and so is the bottom. Not sure if I should try to take the cover off or just cut down thru it all. Decisions, decisions. lol

(David Jauch) #7

Question would be how to securely fasten the holder to the plywood; can you source an outer ring as in a piece of tubing that can be glued to the plywood with the cupholder sliding inside so the leather is clamped in between the two? not that the leather is loose and the foam off. and I wouldnt cut through leather and foam with the hole saw might end up a mess. maybe pull the leather off, saw the hole, fit and glue some outer tube, then pull the leather over it, slice it with a knife and let the cup holder slide in with more glue.

(Gary Crosby 75 XJ6L, 85 XJ-S, 09 XF Supercharged.) #8


I would consider making a ring /cup with flange on a 3d printer in ABS plastic. Size the ring slightly larger than the cup holder insert so you have room to pinch the leather. The flange on the ring can then be screwed thru the flange into the plywood. If you want to provide some measurements…i would be happy to design the 3d piece which you could print locally or i can print for you for a nominal price.


(Roger Coole) #9

I was planning to cut thru the leather with an Exacto blade and try to
fold the edges down inside. Would then remove the foam padding and
insert the hole saw down inside. Eventually gluing the cup holder
to the wood. An outer ring does sound like a good idea
though. Will have to think about what to use, or what I can find.

Thanks for the tip.

(David Jauch) #10

Gary, that would be the nicest way to do it (on two levels!).
The shady way might be to slice a PVC tube lengthwise, get it to dimensions and maybe glue a ring around, like a top hat, so it stops on the plywood. Flange is the word. Glue and metal zip ties or something.
Or drill a MDF block and round the corners heavily so it doesn’t show through. Not too big, lots of effort. 3D printing would be great!
In any case you will have to attach the leather to the holder in a positive way, else it will look like…
and won’t work. I’d be interested in the results!

(Roger Coole) #11

That’s another good idea I hadn’t thought of. I
may have to take you up on it if I can’t find anything to use.


(Robert Wilkinson) #12

Speaking of ideas–not necessarily good ones–you could fit a VDP rear console extension, then fit a cupholder in lieu of the ashtray and cigarette lighter.

(Roger Coole) #13


I’ve already fit a VDP console extension. Wanted an outlet for a
USB adapter.