Current recommendation for re-trimming services

I would like to send my center console and radio housing out to be retrimmed in the correct colors. Right now, my console is very far from correct, and may require some new pieces in addition to new trimming.

Can anyone provide recommendations from recent experience for businesses that do a good job retrimming our cars?

A few things simple things I would like from the business:

  • Aside from the obvious good quality of work, also having good knowledge of how to make my console correct for a S1 4.2 roadster
  • Ability to schedule a time to send the console when they are actually ready to work on it so my console doesn’t just sit in their shop for weeks without any work being done
  • US-based for shipping purposes

Thanks in advance!

OSJI, no doubts.

Seeing as you’re just down the road, I wouldn’t hesitate to get a quote from CJ. Their trim shop is very high quality.

Thanks, Craig!

Thanks also, Erica. Does CJ stand for Classic Jaguar?

Yup, they’ve done a bunch of work for me in the past.


I was also going to suggest Classic Jaguar in Austin. Call Dan and talk to him about what you need… The last time I saw their interior trimming shop the work was first class. I have no reason to believe it still isn’t.

That’s not to say the OSJI won’t do just as good a job. But you can easily drive over to CJ, talk to Dan and check out their operation.

Thanks, John!

I’ll give them both a call.